Friday, February 6, 2009

The MySongStore Widget

Hi there ! In the following blog I will describe what the MySongStore widget is, what it does, why you want one if you have ever recorded music, and how to get it for free.

What is it ?

Technically, it is a Digital Commerce Store Front Interface (DCSFI). For the rest of us humans it means that you can sell your music, audio or video, digitally, from anywhere on the internet where you are allowed to paste HTML.

Where do I get one ?

You go and sign up at You can do it for free if you like( though you can only upload a miximum of four songs). The standard membership lets you post about 25 songs (for less that the cost of a beer a month!)

Then what ?

You need to get your music on our server so we can deliver it to your customers. So first you need to get all your songs onto your computer so you can upload them. Well, at least the ones you want to sell.

What can I sell ?

They MUST be songs that you recorded. You can't just go and upload the latest billboard sensation and sell that. That would be stealing, and MySongStore does not condone it. The songs don't have to be songs that you wrote, they can be recordings of covers (other people's music) that you have made, and MySongStore will handle all the licensing for you, automatically.
Upload each song into the MySongStore servers. You get to write a bit about each song if you like, but you don't have to. You do get to set the price of the songs though, make it whatever you like (though there is some minimum of I think 60 cents).

What do I do with the uploaded songs now ?

If you want you can then make virtual digital albums (VDA's). Virtual Digital Albums are just groups of songs sold together in a collection. Nice thing about Virtual Digital Albums though is that they do _not_ have to exist in the real world You dont have to make the CD's. You can use them to make discount packages though as yu can set the price of a Virtual Digital Album. This way for example you could have 10 songs all at $0.99, but sell them as an album for $6.99.

Okay, I got songs and I got albums, now how do I sell them.

Well, like all good shops, you have to stock the store. You go make a widget. All this means is that you give it a name, and the name of the artists it represents. Then you choose which songs and which albums you putt in it. Easy as that.

For each widget there is a unique little piece of HTML code. You can get it emailed to you, or presented to you in a popup so you can paste it directly.

Post on on your website. Post it on your blog. Anyone who visits that page will bve able to buy directly form you, ON THAT PAGE. There are not redirected to some dig corporation. Then are not lost in a digital mall. They can buy, securely, right from that very web page.